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The stand pipe system (supplying the fire hoses) must provide adequate water supply and pressure. It will create a hydraulic demand, in terms of flow and pressure, on the water supply. The supply must be capable of meeting this demand. Otherwise, supplemental components such as a fire pump must be added to the system.

Fire Pump - Stand Pipe - Hydrants

Fire Hydrant Inspection


 Flow test of fire hydrants.

 Pressure test of fire hydrants.

 Tests of leakage at nozzle seal, cap gaskets, and hydrant body.

 Test operation of hydrant control rod for proper opening and closure.

 Check if hydrant barrel is self draining.

 If not self draining, pump out hydrant.

 Check condition of hydrant body for damage or paint.

 Check location of hydrant shut off valve and record.

 Check operation of shut off valve and accessibility to valve box.

 Inspect nozzle cap chains.

 Identify location of hydrant.

 Supply inspection report with all above information listed.

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