Text Box: Fire Suppression

 At least semi-annually, maintenance shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacture's listed installation and maintenance manual.

 Fixed temperature sensing elements of the fusible metal alloy type shall be replaced at least annually or more frequently if necessary to assure proper operation of the system.

All kitchen fire suppression systems require inspection and testing every six months/semi-annual as per O.F.C in conformance with NFPA17

ProSafe service various applications of fire suppression systems including:

 Kitchen Hood Systems

 Computer Rooms

 Electronic Telecommunications Facility


 Terminal fuse link on detection line is cut.

 Manual pull station is pulled.

 Make sure fuel supply shuts down.

 Nozzles are free of blockage.

 Nozzle and appliance line-up has proper coverage.

 Nozzle caps are in place.

 Make sure make-up air shuts down.

 Exhaust fan is operating properly.

 Cylinder is inspected for corrosion.

 System pressure is within specs.

 Fusible links are replaced.

 Did system activate alarm if applicable.

list of some the items that are required to be checked and tested by a certified, trained technician:

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