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Since ProSafe is not limited to represent one manufacturer, we provide testing, inspections, repairs, replacements and upgrades to many makes and models of fire alarm systems including:  Mircom  Notifier   Edwards Simplex  Siemens (Cerberus/ Pyrotronics)


We offer:

 Complete inspection and service of fire alarm panel and field devices.

 Upgrade or install a new fire alarm system to meet the requirements.

 Add silence-able mini-horns in each suite to meet Guidelines for audibility.

 Complete final approvals with consulting engineer firm as well as local authorities.

 Third party Verification for new system installations.


Explanation of a fire alarm system


A fire alarm is a critical component of any building's fire safety protection plan. Properly designed, installed, inspected and maintained it saves lives and limits Fire-related property damages. These systems are intended to detect fire and combustion products in an emergency situation and to either automatically or manually alert building occupants to initiate evacuation and to notify the Fire Department that a fire situation either exists or potentially may exist within the building. In general terms, these systems consist of Detection Devices such as Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors and Pull Stations, plus Audible Alarm Devices such as Bells, Horns or Speakers in the case of Voice Communication Systems. The Ontario Fire Code mandates that regular Annual Inspection, Repair and Maintenance on the Fire Alarm & Emergency Voice Communication Systems be completed by suitably qualified firms and technicians.

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