Complete inspection and service of fire alarm panel and field devices.

 Upgrade or install a new fire alarm system to meet the requirements.

 Add silence-able mini-horns in each suite to meet Guidelines for audibility.

 Complete final approvals with consulting engineer firm as well as local authorities.

 Third party Verification for new system installations.

Fire Alarm Systems

Wet pipe - Dry pipe - Deluge - Preaction - Anti-Freeze Glycol system - Standpipes-Fire Hoses - Fire pumps - Private Fire Hydrants - Hydraulic Testing

Fire Sprinklers

Although conventional sprinkler systems have a remarkable record of performance, consistency and reliability, it may not be appropriate for certain sensitive areas. Kitchen Hood Systems - Computer Rooms - Electronic Telecommunications Facility

Suppression Systems

Avoid a dangerous failure of your facility's EMERGENCY LIGHTS by scheduling periodic regular testing and inspection. Our specialists efficiently identify problems and replace defective units.

Emergency lighting

The confidence of knowing that all extinguishing equipments are placed as required, identified properly, and certified ready for use is one less worry for our client, and one more level of our commitment to you. ProSafe offers competitive rates for all types and sizes of portable fire extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

The stand pipe system (supplying the fire hoses) must provide adequate water supply and pressure. It will create a hydraulic demand, in terms of flow and pressure, on the water supply. The supply must be capable of meeting this demand. Otherwise, supplemental components such as a fire pump must be added to the system.

Fire Pump - Stand Pipe - Hydrants


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